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Unlike some other learning environments, ViLLE is primarily based on exercises. Most of the exercises are automatically assessed and offer immediate feedback when submitted. The same exercises can be used in lectures, homework and exams; however, in the exam mode the feedback is disabled in default.

The exercises in ViLLE are divided into three main categories: coding and computer science exercises, mathematical exercises, and general exercises. The exercises categorized as general can be used in almost any topics (currently there are exercises for languages, geography, physics, chemistry, arts and biology, to name a few).

All exercises created by ViLLE's editors are automatically shared with all teachers registered into ViLLE. Private materials can also be attached to courses, rounds and assignments. In addition to automatically assessed exercises, ViLLE supports a variety of manually graded assignments and automated tasks, such as attendances, demonstrations, file submission, study journals and course assignments. Assignments assessed by teacher (such as essays and course projects) can also be peer-reviewed by other students in ViLLE.