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ViLLE supports collaboration between students and between teachers. For students, collaboration is supported with for example tutorials and course projects. Tutorials can be solved in groups of two to eight students at a time. Each student in the group shares the same submissions, meaning that the students can keep on working with the tutorial later alone or in a different group. The same applies for course projects: each of the group members can do the submissions for any stage of the project, and all see the comments and grading of the teacher similarly. ViLLE also supports peer-reviews with any submitted files or even without any submissions.

Teacher collaboration is also well supported. All exercises done in ViLLE are automatically shared with all other teachers in ViLLE. This means, that any registered ViLLE teacher has currently access to more than 11,000 public exercises, which can be utilized or re-modified immediately. Courses, materials and tutorials can also be shared, but ViLLE also enables teachers to hide their private resources from other teachers, if necessary due to copyright or other issues. All shared resources can be commented and rated by other teachers, and it is possible to browse and search resources based on the comments or ratings.